Benefits of Our Learning Courses

  • 24/7 Content

    The on-demand content available on Mission Kid Possible is accessible 24/7 with live events to sign up for to see and interact with questions and answers that will be recorded for on-demand content.

  • Expert Content

    Information shared on Mission Kid Possible will always come from seasoned moderators who work directly with kids and teens sharing their years of experience with you.

  • Real-World Mentoring

    Drawn from personal experiences moderating and facilitating productive market research with kids and teens, our teachers offer real-world mentoring because they truly love kids and teens and want the industry to treat them well. Your success is our success!

Pam Goldfarb Liss

Meet the Big Brain!

I am a qualitative research consultant and idea facilitator who has been listening to consumers for more than 20 years. I love learning what makes them happy, what makes them worry, what makes them think, what makes them go. I truly enjoy the “never-know-what’s-going-to-happen-next” process of capturing insights and transforming them into ideas and action that helps companies and brands move forward.

Because it’s always nicer to work together, these are some of Mission Kid Possible really awesome super friends located around the world. The world of kid research is a small, but intimate group so we like to collaborate whenever we can. Mission Kid Possible strives to offer you a variety of perspectives on best practice and state-of-the-art market research approaches with kids and teens, as well as their parents. These are some of our really, awesome super friends who will help us on Mission Kid Possible. Stay tuned for new moderators from other countries to pop up for fun presentations in the future. (India, Israel, China, Japan, South Africa and Germany are just a few other locations where Mission Kid Possible may reach in the very near future. Coming soon).

Super Kid Moderator Friends

Dr. Barbie Clarke

Family Kids and Youth

Lives in London A global advocate for children, Barbie is a trained child and adolescent psychotherapist. She is a registered member of the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP) with a PhD in child and adolescent psychosocial development from the University of Cambridge. A fellow on the Market Research Society (MRS) regulations committee, Barbie presented with Pam recently about data privacy and global kids/teens policies called ‘Keeping Kids Safe Around the world’ for a joint Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) and MRS webinar last year. Barbie’s firm, Family Kids and Youth, works globally with many cultures and languages. However, Barbie is fluent in English only. As global moderators, Barbie and Pam often work together on global projects. Barbie has also worked with many of the super friends here as well.

Nicki Karet

Sherbert Research

Lives in London A former primary school teacher, Nicki is the managing director of Sherbert Research, a market research agency with a specialty in family and youth. She has worked with kids and teens for more than 25 years and loves nothing more than chatting with young people about anything and everything from media to sport, mental health and school to how they feel about certain ad campaigns or new products. She has researched them all! Nicki lives in London. Although she works on a global scale for almost every project; Nicki speaks English only but partners with multicultural and multilingual collaborators. She and Pam often collaborate on British and US projects. Nicki has worked with many of the super friends here too.

Cynthia Tello

Smarketing Consulting and Research, LLC

MEXICO/NORTH AMERICAN SPANISH-SPEAKING & HISPANIC MARKET: Lives in both Monterrey, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas, USA Cynthia is an insight strategist with a sweet spot in the U.S. Latinx and Mexican markets. Her versatile moderating style allows her to quickly build rapport, effectively communicate with, and understand consumers of all backgrounds and ages. Cynthia is from Mexico. She enjoys the inquisitive minds of kids and teens. Cynthia also loves the energy and fun that always comes when moderating with kids and teens. Based in both Monterrey, Mexico AND San Antonio, Texas USA; she works with Pam on many US Hispanic and Mexican kids’ projects. As a bicultural and bilingual moderator, Cynthia works on a global scale with a variety of kids and teens in both Mexico and the USA. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Delphine Quelin

Junior City

Lives in Paris, France Fascinated by the evolution of children and adolescents, Delphine Quelin is the head of strategic planning at Junior City, a market research agency devoted to kids and adolescents, in France. She works passionately with kids, teens, and parents as part of a team specialized in youth and family. Delphine loves the fun, laughter, and emotions of working with kids, adolescents, and their parents. She speaks both French and English. Based in Paris, Delphine is a collaborator with Pam and works with many of the other super friends here too.